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Daffodil Place – An Introduction

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THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER each year is increasing in Newfoundland and Labrador. Those who must travel to St. John's for specialized cancer treatment are responsible for the cost of their own travel and accommodations. For many the financial, emotional and physical impact can be overwhelming.

Without assistance, this situation will only worsen. The province has the most rapidly aging population in Canada. Increased age is associated with an increased risk of cancer. For retired people and those on a fixed income, the associated costs for treating this disease may affect their decision to seek treatment.

When the door to Daffodil Place opens in September of 2008, those who must travel to St. John's for cancer treatment will find a home there at a time in their life when they need it most.

“My biggest fear – and I think about it every single day is – what if the cancer comes back? How will I get the money to buy the pills I need and make all those trips to St. John's that I need to make? My biggest fear is having money to fight the cancer. That is the scariest part.”

Cancer Patient, Feasibility Report (2006)


A Message from The President and Campaign Chair

Welcome to the Daffodil Place website. On this site you will find information about this inspiring new facility and suggestions for ways that you can help make it happen.

The Canadian Cancer Society is constructing a 24-suite residence in St. John's. To be called Daffodil Place, it will be a vital centre for many people who must travel for cancer treatment to St. John's. We support the Society and invite you to share in this compassionate and important venture.

We are excited about the opportunity to help ensure that Daffodil Place is everything it needs to be. That is why we have volunteered to serve in the Daffodil Place Campaign which aims to raise $7 million over the next three years.

You'll find the information here that you need to join with us in this important mission. Together we can show the people who face the physical, emotional and financial burdens of the fight against cancer, that we understand their need and that they have our support when they need it most.


Valerie Elson
President, Canadian Cancer Society
Newfoundland and Labrador Division


John Steele
Chairman, Capital Campaign Cabinet Committee
President, Steele Communications & Steele Hotels



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